Masters swimming with Brenda was the best swimming instruction i have ever had.

I was so scared to try it and for years she encouraged me and when i finally showed up she understood what i needed

and it as A LOT OF FUN. Plus, the physical conditions of the pool were exquisite, as always....unsigned.

Things I love about Paul's Club:

* Kid friendly (everything) especially swimming, lifeguards are fantastic, swim hours are perfect just the way they are.

*Athlete oriented priorities, sports culture and teamwork you feel from the staff.

*Jacuzzi & steam room are my raison d'tere....unsigned

Phenomenal Swim Instruction happening again.

Thank You Amy W. and Iron Jane H....unsigned

"This is the greatest place to spend time together and get a workout too." Cheri D.

"A comfortable and fun place to workout...a part of the the community". Matt L.

"This has been a very important facility to our family.

I've been a member since 1991. The community is fortunate to have such a complete, family oriented health club." Greg

Today, we had Gina as the instructor for our yoga class and she was wonderful! All of us who have been doing yoga a long time and remember when it was offered almost daily, were reminded of how great some of those teachers were[]  

As a group, we would love to see Gina become a yoga instructor at your club! Patricia B.

This place makes winter bearable. Michael L